About You-Me Global Education

You-Me Global Education is a US based EdTech company and a membership organization that that provides a complete digital resource management system with easy access to over million age-appropriate eBooks, read-alongs, audiobooks, databases, videos and more for Independent and private schools.

We digitize and re-imagine the education system with the help of artificial intelligence (A.I) support. We walk hand to hand with local and international private schools to better understand their challenges and needs in order to build a strong support base.

We have created a fare, transparent and unprecedented education system to support our members.

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Greater Speed & Scale

With AI, we improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making to help identify potential problems before they become major issues while reducing cost.

Analytics Solutions

We set the vision and create intelligent processes so you can provide outstanding customer experiences at a reduced cost per customer.

Security-First Solutions

Government agencies trust us with their data. Security is of top concern, we want you to feel confident that we follow security protocols and your data is protected and secure.

You-Me Live

Is a collaborative digital platform for virtual classes and real time sharing. This hub makes teamwork for e-learning very easy You-Me Live service enables instant messaging called You-Me chat, audio and video calling, very rich online meetings, mobile experiences, and extensive web conferencing capabilities.

In addition, students can access a virtual library and rent eBooks, audio books and syllabuses put together by teachers. You-Me Live provides file and data collaboration and extensibility features such as white board and many more.

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You-Me Global Education

Learn what you can achieve with our Applied Intelligence solutions.


Adaptable Mobile Data Transfer

With a powerful data management, artificial intelligence and on demand analytics, this solution provides “real time” data to officers in the field and management tools for leadership at headquarters.


Court Electronic Conviction Process Solution

Securely connects court systems to other government agencies including driver’s license office. Providing real time data for officers in the field when issuing fines, warrants, and citations.


Offline/Online Educational System

Powerful learning tool, providing 24hr access to students and parents regardless of location or time.

Meet Our Team

Our Achievement

Virtual Reality technology  is already the hottest thing in the tech world. Big companies are gearing up for a brutal war over this technology. One of the areas of application of VR technology is education. With the invention of You-Me Live, students in our member’s schools can learn via interacting with a 3D world.