You-Me Global Education Annual Conference is the premier professional development and networking event for administrators, trustees, and teachers of independent schools. It attracts more than 4,000 participants over the course of three days. It is the flagship professional and leadership development experience for creating greater equity and inclusion in schools.

New Horizon Africa 2021 Project

With more than 15 years of experience in the education field, our vision to expend and benefit the world with a renewed education system has led our parent company software engineers to conceive a customized software that allow African based independent/private schools to join our platform and be part of a very unique and strong education system that promote, restore and plebiscite the image of their organizations and more over a system that build credibility, strong management leadership and advocate for them worldwide.

We are redefining school experience for students, teachers and school owners in an unprecedented way and this gives the opportunity to African students to be part of a renewed education system which even guarantee credibility their academic grades and degrees. This platform will give African students the exposure they need at the same time connect them to their future in a blink of an eye simply with the help of our customized artificial intelligent tools and our dedicated team of expert behind the scene working to make sure the years you have sacrificed to pursue your education journey worth it